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We went to the CMC Haunted House last night. It's all new once again this year, with a Scary Tales theme! We got there right at 7:00, and I recommend going early, as the wait quickly develops. They give you a number, and call you when it's time to get scared. I think this system is much better than waiting in line, as it gives you a chance to walk around, watch a movie (in keeping with the theme they were playing Snow White and the Huntsman last night instead of a horror movie, which was weird but not a big deal), or buy a snack. I just don't recommend the nachos, the concessionaire charged us $4 for half a boat of broken chips and cold cheese. 

As for the House itself, it was another success. They twisted the Grimm Fairy Tales back to their "original" stories, with not-so-happy endings. I won't ruin any surprises for anyone, but the rooms had some of your favorite tales done in a sick way. And these girls are sick! 

If you're looking for your slasher movie villains (Jason, Leatherface, etc.), you won't find them here, as they stick to the fairy tale theme. But even without the old standbys, CMC did a great job scaring everyone. And they still have the complementary cookies and cider at the end! It's nice to support a group of kids and their parents who work hard to create a really good haunted house each year (instead of some money grab like Fright Nights at the Fair). You can tell they're good people who really want you to enjoy your time, and we did again last night. Thanks, CMC!


CMC's is great, and so conveniently close to everything, it's a no brainer (Google maps puts it at 13 minutes from downtown Syracuse). We were lucky enough to get to CMC's late on opening night and avoided much of the crowd and lines. We were impressed with how much they've grown. They now have 2 nice tented areas; One with concessions like fried dough, hot dogs etc., and one for ticket sales and the queue line. They've also added an enclosed fire pit for warmth, a projector so we could watch horror flicks while we waited, and some interesting scareactors walking around keeping everyone entertained while waiting. At one point I heard a loud scream, and turned around in time to see a girl in a Bride's gown being dragged under an opening in the barn... Clawing to get away with her fingers in the dirt. Props to you Bride lady.

Entering the haunt was on a completely different side of the barn from previous seasons, so we knew we were in for a completely new experience. Indeed it was. Without spoiling anything, we saw some very impressive scenes that were a noticeable step up from previous seasons. One of which is a jungle scene, where we were caught off guard more than once. The scene was very creative, the costumes were custom, and it was definitely NOT something you'd see in any other haunt around CNY. We encountered a convincing beheading, a disturbing scene where a boy's step ladder is kicked out from under him... His neck jerking down fast into a noose, and some cool new effects like moving walls. The scene details were great, and as usual, no shortage on screams and startles.





Last night I went to the CMC Haunted House with two of my friends, and we were BLOWN away! I had won the tickets from the survey - and not only was I excited to save some money, I was excited to check this place out.

The touches of free cider and treats at the end of the haunt, a creepy clown outside terrorizing people in the line, a fire to keep warm, and a "card reader" gave us positive vibes about this place.

Let me start off by saying the haunt was designed very well! The actors, the monsters/killers, victims... EVERYONE did a great job. You rarely go into a haunted house and see acting and interaction like at CMC. The scare and shock factor was spot on and at almost every corner you could expect a big jump. We were told this has been in operation for 9 years, and you can tell that all of the members take great pride in this haunt.

I would surely suggest this haunt to EVERY person looking for an engaging haunt in the Syracuse NY region. Keep it coming CMC!