CMCtimes volume 21 Sept 2018

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Welcome to the CMC Dance Company!  I hope that everyone’s summer was an enjoyable one.  Glad to see familiar faces back with us this year as well as a great group of new ones.  To all…WELCOME!

This newsletter is the first of many this year.  Each month you will receive a newsletter, such as this one, letting you know of the many events we have planned each month as well as deadlines for our parades, performances and recital updates.  Be sure to read the newsletter given out in class each month.  If you lose or miss out on one of our newsletters please see the front desk for a copy. 

Tuition is due each month, first class of the month.  Any payments received after the 15th of the month receive a 10% late charge on any unpaid balances.  You may pay your account by Cash, Credit or Check.  Please call the office at any time if you are unsure of your balance and our Accounts Receivable manager, Hana, will be happy to go over your account with you.  If you wish to change or withdraw from any class without notification, you will be responsible for all balances due through the end of the month you make the change or withdraw.  The payments are averaged over the 10 month calendar year, taking into account a 3 to 5 week month and including rehearsal and recital fees.  When registering for the dance season you are registered for classes from September till June.

Classes are held weekly and vacation days are listed on the attached calendar.  Please keep this calendar for your reference throughout the dance season.  If you misplace or need a copy of the calendar please see the front desk or it can also be found on our website

Cancellation of classes are non-refundable, however, a make-up class is available to you.  Please see the front desk for this information.  Our cancellation policy is if the CNS school district is closed or implements an early dismissal due to weather we are closed.  If the CNS school district has a one/two hour delay we are open.  When in doubt please check the CMC website for class status.

In the month of June we will have an end of the year recital.  All students are invited to participate.  During the month of December we will be distributing more information in regards to the recital and at that time, those students wishing to participate in the year-end review will be asked to put down a $30 costume deposit.  Please note that this year the RECITAL HAS BEEN TENTIVELY MOVED TO THE WEEKEND OF THE 21ST AND 22ND OF JUNE DUE TO THE DISTRICT extending its school year a week longer.  We are tentatively waiting for a reply from the school district as to the confirmation of these dates by the CNS High School, the location of our show.  We will notify you as soon as possible so that you can confirm these dates.

We require the following dance attire for all classes:  All students must wear hair up in ponytail.  A leotard and tights are required for each class with the only exception, Hip hop.  Hip Hop students can wear sweat pants or comfortable clothing that they can easily move in.  Students without the hair up will be sent to the front desk for a rubber band.  Students not wearing the appropriate attire and shoes will be given a notice by the instructor.  Tap students should have black tap shoes, ballet students should be wearing pink leather ballet shoes (not ballet slippers), jazz students should be wearing TAN* jazz shoes (* the white jazz shoes have been discontinued by our dancewear company-white may be worn in class only-tan is required for recital), Acro students footless tights and hip hop students please bring a pair of clean sneakers (DO NOT WEAR IN FROM THE OUTDOORS).  We have a dance apparel shop on the premises.  The shop is located inside the studio off of the waiting room for added convenience.  We carry all the necessary items needed for class and many new items to show your “school” spirit.

The Shop Hours are:

     Monday-Thursday 5:00-9:00

     Saturday 9:00-12:30

For the best possible learning experience, please attend class weekly and on time.  Keep absences down to a minimum for optimal learning.  If you are ill and cannot attend you may make up the class in another class that is similar to your class ability and age.  Please call the office when you are absent for make-up times.

Parents, while waiting for the students, there are seats located in the waiting room as well as down the hall outside the dance rooms.  Classroom doors remain closed during class to avoid distraction from those in the hallway.  If you wish to view your child in class the TV monitors in the main waiting room are there for your convenience.  Parents, friends and siblings are not allowed in the classrooms.  Only registered students, teachers and student helpers are allowed in the dance rooms during class time.  We appreciate your cooperation.  

While driving in and out of our parking lot please use caution.  Drive slowly and watch for students between cars going into and exiting the building.  Do not park or wait with car running in front of the main entrance.  The flow of the parking lot is one way.  Please park and when you see your student exit the building drive around for pick up.  It is imperative that we keep the flow of the parking lot moving.  We appreciate your cooperation to keep the parking lot as safe as possible.   

Thank you and enjoy your first month of classes!

There are no days off in the month of September.

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